Music is something beautiful. When it is properly applied, it can broaden one's mind, clear away one's fear, build up one's confidence for the future and make oneself more sensible. There are many good tunes all around the world, and everybody has the right to write music. So, I am going to progressively build my musicland. Will you listen to my MIDI collection? Some of them are music written by other musicians, including famous ones and some who are not very famous, but beautiful tunes as well. And I'll add my own compositions if I have free time.

Have you ever heard of Robbie Williams? If you have, you can click to see the lyrics of his song <Millennium>. I'm sorry that no music is provided here. He has been in Take That, but he left the group in 1995. The other group members including Mark Owen and Gary Barlow stood for one more year and in the end the group was disbanded, so each of them went his own way. I think Robbie is a lovely name, so I borrowed Robbie William's name to make my name Robbie. Mosaic was got from VCD players. If there is something wrong with the VCD, we see mosaics. So I call my self Robbie Mosaic.

More of my opinions about Robbie Williams: I think he is a singer who is aware of the falling of the modern world. Most senior people here in China agree that life today is hard. I heard that even in the rich country America, life there also requires very much struggle. Many young people are living under deep pressure, only wanting to earn more money. Jobs are harder to find, and life is more challenging. Because we want more money, some of us often do things senselessly. Robbie Williams revealed this situation in his songs naturally. He is a criticizer, not like Jielun Zhou (Jay) in Taiwan, who is a "leading faller". I consider Jielun Zhou to be a "leading faller" because his songs show his and many other young people's falling today. Robbie Williams is energetic and he fights against the falling of the world. I like this attitude, though nobody could have saved this world if people are not aware the danger. I once believed in Taoism, and now follow Buddha's teachings. One should devote himself to everyone else so that he can realize his values. Once the great works are achieved, he will return and hide. All things doing during the life are temporary, and life is limited, so we should choose wisely from them. Today the falling of the modern world is mostly due to the wrong choice of value, I think. To be a nice person, one should provide others help but ask for nothing. No matter how bad the situation is, we should still look forward to a hopeful future of the world. History never walks backwards.

Let me introduce you a great world of classical MIDI music: MIDI World Classic Gallery. Of course you can visit the index page of that site to get more music (including jazz, classical and other). Don't forget to listen to good pieces there. Note that the Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 here was created by Robert Finley. Mr. Finley plays piano outstandingly. He is also a professional in sequencing MIDIs. You can go to Robert Finley's Homepage to get more information.

Have you felt any difficulty when downloading MIDI files from this page? If so, please e-mail to me to get the download you want.

Mozart/R. Mosaic: Eine Kleine Nacht Music Beethoven: Pour Elise
新世纪福音战士(一) R. Mosaic: The Bit Song
Jingle Bell R. Mosaic: Humerous Sad Song
北国之春 乡愁
R. Mosaic: Without Your Smile R. Mosaic: I Like Carrefour
R. Mosaic: Life Is Hard Microsoft: Chip's Challenge (1)
Microsoft: Chip's Challenge (2) Tchaikovsky/R. Finley: Piano Concerto No. 1 (1st movement)
Chopin/R. Finley: Etude in C Sharp Minor Mussorgsky/Sierra: Pictures (1)
Sierra: New Age Mussorgsky/R. Finley: Pictures (complete)
Tchaikovsky/Katsumi Nakade: Piano Concerto No. 1 (2nd movement) Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (1st movement)
R. Mosaic: Cannot Be Finished R. Mosaic: The Silence of Windows 3.1
Mozart/Bob Fisher: Piano Concerto No. 21 in C - Andante Mozart/Bob Fisher: Piano Concerto No. 21 in C - Andante (piano version, modified by Robbie Mosaic)