Life is not to be managed

Some books and articles about how to do your job well, and how to balance your work and life discusses about time management. I’d say time can be managed. Also work can be managed. But life, as a whole, cannot be managed.
When I was a young child, I saw films, TV series, and stories about adults. What’s the thing that was first built in my mind is that some adult men are strong. Such as 林冲 and 鲁智深. However, as I grew up, after watching more and more TV series, I began to realize the the ability, even the life, of an adult man, is very weak, compared to the nature. One can be easily killed in a disaster, or one can be easily fought to death by another human. This realization affected my whole life.
So when I have grown up, I think braveness is important. Being brave, like in the film Brave Heart, is not to fear anything that will strike you down. You know you may fail in an exam. You know with 1 year of perseverance you may still not get into the college of your preference. You know that if you can’t satisfy your boss even with working day and night, your boss will fire you. But don’t fear. What’s the worst situation? You get a low mark. You miss a good college. You lose your job. Or even you die of poverty. But, what’s worse than that? You can’t be any worse than dying, right? And the situation is often always better than that. So be brave.
Life is not to be managed by you. It’s in the hand of the unknown god (not that god that loves people), or as I say, karma. However life can be learned, can be experienced, and can be faced with braveness. Even karma can be changed! You, I say you, the reader, is the man who will face it bravely!