The first a few bugs of IE 9 discovered by me


The first a few bugs of IE 9 discovered by me. Some are reproducible, and some are not. However I haven’t taken enough time to collect the steps of reproduction.

1. Favorite links opened from the “Favorites” menu are not always opened in the current active tab. A workaround is: always use the Favorites pane (Alt+C) rather than the Favorites menu.

2. Sometimes the Alt key is always activated. If text is entered in the Web page, focus is always lost. A workaround is: press left Alt, and press it again; press right Alt, and press it again. Then use the mouse to click in the Web page. Now probably it’s okay to enter text in the Web page.

For the second problem, there is below explanation from Microsoft:

5. It’s impossible to type text in text boxes in a Web page, and the mouse wheel also doesn’t in a Web page.

5.  使用IE9,无法在页面中输入文字,滚轮失去作用

Little E: Recently, Little E’s colleagues received feedbacks from end-users, reporting that after installing IE 9, when browsing a Web page there can be situations when character cannot be typed-in or the mousewheel doesn’t work. As for the current situation, the problem is due to some third-party browser control is not compatible with the security architecture of IE 9, causing the input module being processed incorrectly. Currently, there are two workarounds for this problem:

小易: 近期,小易的同事接到一些用户的反馈,表示在安装 Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)之后,打开网页时会遇到在页面上无法输入字符或无法通过鼠标滚轮进行滚屏操作。就目前的情况来说,这个问题应该是由于第三方浏览器控件或者程序与IE9的安全构架存在不兼容的现象,导致未能正确处理输入模块。目前,针对此问题有两个临时性解决方案:

1. Right-click IE, and select “Run as Administrator”.


2. In the IE Window, Click Tools, Internet Options, Security. Clear the “Enable Protected Mode” checkbox.

我们仍就确认真正原因在努力,请将问题的具体情况提交到 微软问答社区,工程师会为您进一步分析。