Windows Vista Technical Advancements

Standard user applications writing to global locations will be redirected to per-user locations through virtualization.

As an initiative to increase system stability, predictability and reliability, Windows Resource Protection (WRP) protects Windows read-only resources: specifically OS files, folders, and registry keys that are non-configurable by design. See Protected Resource List <>.

Comments: WRP is more restricting than WFP (Windows File Protection).

As part of the Desktop Window Manager work, Microsoft has made subtle but important changes to the way applications paint to the screen. Prior to Windows Vista, an |hwnd| was painted directly to the screen, which
had certain benefits but really limited how Windows could display and manage top-level windows. In Windows Vista, all top-level windows are rendered to an off-screen bitmap (similar to |WS_EX_LAYERED|), and the
Desktop Window Manager combines the images together to draw the desktop.

Comments: Now the bitmap drawing era has come again (after DOS).

Glass disabled for application

   This can happen when an application draws to the non-client area of the window (the title bar).

Comments: note this.

   High DPI Scaling

Comments: note this.

The icon file format (*.ico) now supports PNG images in addition to the older BMP-style icons; many Windows Vista icons use the PNG variant.

Comments: note this.