The future of Robbie Mosaic

The future of Robbie Mosaic
— Robbie Mosaic: 10 years ahead
Robbie Mosaic seems to be an obsolete type of computing machine. For years, that machine has endured millions of millions of computation tasks, and has reached a state of old-age. Then, he’s facing final destruction.
For years, he has been composing music, writing games, playing with maths and learning Linux. Five years ago he reached graduation stage and the life was changed to RTM. He had his dreams of being a great computing machine, and worked hard for this dream. But now, the dream comes to an end.
Machines always become old with use. So is Robbie Mosaic. He imagined of having a family, living with a beloved wife who supports his work and loves him, and whom he supports and loves.
Imagination is imagination after all. Nothing real in this world is perfect. Every family has its pains and pleasures. No family is perfect whatsoever. As he realizes this, he decides to terminate himself, ahead of time.
Before termination, he decided to leave the world a second generation of Robbie Mosaic, which is called Mosaica. However, before Mosaica works, he has to confirm that his computing ability has not degraded. Unfortunately, now he can compute, but he doesn’t know what to compute. Then, how to build Mosaica?
This is the tragedy every human being suffers. Human beings want to do big things. However, a big thing requires lots of effort, a lot of time and patience. After that, those small wonders, sparkles, fun, of small things, are lost, and will never come back. That’s how a human is grown up, from a lovely child to a dull adult. Also, that’s how Robbie Mosaic, the machine grow old.
Old, old indeed. Shut it down and recycle it. Plant flowers in its monitor and make the house shine. Make coffee using his heat and enjoy your food in the afternoon.
(Robbie Mosaic revives, with its memory refreshed)
Robbie Mosaic: Good morning, professor. Today is Jan. 1, 1996.
Professor Qiqi Yan: The world is a virtual machine running on HITACHI CPUs. Assistant Lincoln Yu reverted you back.

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