Using GParted Live CD 0.12.1-5 to resize an NTFS partition


Today I successfully used GParted Live CD 0.12.1-5 to resize an NTFS partition on my parents’ computer. I first used TuxBoot to transfer the ISO image to a USB thumb drive. Then I used this USB thumb drive to boot the computer. There are several points worth noting:

  1. GParted Live CD 0.12.1-5 is less than 200MB in size. The USB thumb drive needn’t be very large.
  2. I’ve used GParted Live CD 0.5.1-1 to expand NTFS partitions in virtual machines several times, and it worked fine. So this time I tried to use GParted Live CD 0.12.1-5 (the newest stable release) to do this on a physical computer.
  3. TuxBoot even doesn’t need to erase the whole USB thumb drive. It can add files to the FAT partition on the USB thumb drive to make it bootable. This is IMPRESSIVE!
  4. I used GParted Live CD to shrink one partition and then used it to expand another partition. All worked perfectly.
  5. The Windows OS on the machine I’m doing the resize is Windows XP. I expanded drive C (the boot drive) to make more space in it.
  6. The partitions I operated was 100~300GB in size. It takes quite one or two hours to do the shrink, but the expansion was rather quick.

Finally, thanks a lot to the creators of the software programs!