The Revolutionary Windows 8


June 20th, 2012

Yesterday I had a dream. I saw the revolutionary Windows 8. In the dream I went into a computer shop, a very modern looking one, in which I came to the Microsoft Windows 8 tablet shopping area. After I entered the area, I found that I automatically moves forward, without walking any more. At a corner, I wanted to turn, I could barely use my hand to push on the walls to turn. Later I recalled that Windows 8 supports voice commands. Then I say, “Forward”, I move faster. I say “Stop”, I stopped. After moving forward, I see a very big game-like scene, with bright sky and a castle at a far distance. It seems I’m in a game running on Windows 8. After getting out of the game, I woke up, and the capability of Windows 8 really impressed me. I imagine playing with a tablet, which can be turned into a desktop computer immediately as it is put onto a rack. Well that’s really wonderful.

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  1. 高博

    Your dream comes true!

  2. Robbie Mosaic 在

    Well, yeah, it’s a game platform 😀