May want to jumpship to PerfectDisk


I often use software tools to do disk defragmentation. Previously, I was a Diskeeper fan. I used Diskeeper Lite 7, Diskeeper Lite 9 (both are free versions, enabling only manual defragmentation). In Year 2008, I even purchased a Diskeeper 2008 Professional, at the price of US$ 35, with the great Invisitasking feature. However, this year, I think I might want to jumpship to another product, PerfectDisk.

Unfortunately, this is really a hard decision. I think Diskeeper has the reasonable price and SSD optimization feature, with its home edition at around US$ 30, and can be installed on 3 PCs. But the headache I had was always the use of virtual machines: the large VHD files (or VDI, or VMDX, or whatever) sometimes take up more than 90% of my hard disk drive space, and in such cases, if they’re fragmented and cannot be defragged, it would be a deadend.

In 2008, when I compared Diskeeper and PerfectDisk, I saw that Diskeeper Professional did do a job when the volume is almost full. Maybe it was a special case that it worked, later I thought. Because as I tried today, it cannot defragment one of my virtual machine disk image when the disk space is quite full.

On the other hand, I remember the 2008 version of PerfectDisk cannot do anything to the almost full volume. But today, PerfectDisk 12.5 does the job quite well!

So, the results suggest me to jump ship, it seems. On the other hand, the Diskeeper service is really good. I like will still like Diskeeper, if it improves the product to win the race!